The Importance Of Educational Therapy

The Importance Of Educational Therapy

OMIX Therapies specializes in building lasting bridges when it comes to communication. In today’s social climate, it’s more important than ever to come through clearly and effectively — both in professional and personal dealings — to succeed in the modern world.

We assist our clients in building their communication skills through phonology, voice, reading/writing comprehension, speech/articulation, apraxia, tongue thrust, fluency, auditory processing, ASD, cognitive deficits, dysphagia, dysarthria, and aphasia to treat developmental/acquired speech and language deficits.

Educational therapy is one service we offer which helps clients strengthen their learning and processing skills — all while fostering independence and autonomy, building self-esteem, and facilitating a joyful and effective learning environment

.At OMIX Therapies we believe that an individual’s growth best occurs within a supportive learning environment. Individuals participate in learning opportunities that are custom-tailored to meet the needs of each individual client through myriad learning and instruction styles.

Educational Therapy

Educational therapy is beneficial for building the following tools that will help clients build their foundation for learning, knowledge, and communication:

1. Skills in Academia
2. Reading Speed / Reading Comprehension
3. Writing
4. Math
5. Study Skills
6. Information Processing Skills
7. Executive Skills
8. Memory Skills
9. Higher Order Thinking Skills
10. Visual and Auditory Processing Skills

Educational therapy specializes in teaching skills and strategies which will better empower kids and adults when it comes to managing their personal educational issues while improving their schoolwork and cognitive abilities in the process. At OMIX Therapies we help kids with just about any learning or attention issue — and we’ve helped a wide variety of clients achieve their educational goals.

Benefit From Education Therapy

If you believe that you or your child would benefit from educational therapy, then please contact OMIX Therapies to learn more. We have a long track record of helping our patients communicate clearly and effectively.


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