About Us

We Are A Private Practice Serving Pediatric Through Geriatric Populations

Our services are dedicated to building a bridge for communication through speech/articulation, phonology, apraxia, voice, tongue thrust, fluency, reading/writing comprehension, auditory processing, ASD, cognitive deficits, dysphagia, dysaprthria, aphasia among other developmental/acquired speech and language deficits.

Omix Therapies Uses An Innovative Approach

Utilizing a wide variety of therapeutic techniques tailored specifically towards each individual’s needs. Each session is based on an individual 1:1 with optimal energy and client/clinician involvement.

Omix takes an integrative approach, using either a whole/partial technique to better serve the individual and their families. This results in an effective, eclectic and individualized approach that’s specific to each individual.

Our Therapeutic Services

Are enhanced through the use of music, singing, and the left hemisphere of the brain to better serve the individual needs where traditional speech therapy has failed. We offer services in English and Farsi and also use Cued Speech as well as some American Sign Language

Where We Service

We serve the Los Angeles area, including Beverly Hills. Omix provides comprehensive evaluations with reports in the areas of speech and language skills, including but not limited to: articulation, phonology, tongue thrust, expressive and/or receptive language, auditory processing, voice, fluency/stuttering, social/pragmatic skills development and reading comprehension.

Additionally, we provide consultations and therapy for individuals, their families, non-public/private school, early intervention programs, as well as the Regional Center. We accept private pay clients by appointment with multiple forms of payment accepted, including insurance such as Blue Shield, Anthem, Cedars, Sinai, Optum and more.


8501 Wilshire Blvd. #336
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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