Here’s What People Are Saying About Omix Therapies:

“My son was 2 years old when he started to see Odelia for his weekly therapy sessions. Every time we went to see her, he would get this amazing grin and extend his hand to hold hers so they can go play. Every session, was more like play time for him. At times, when I had to reprimand him, I would say, “if you do that, you are not going to see Odelia.” And he would stop. Odelia made him feel so comfortable while helping him with his speech. He has come a long way since his first session. He went from speaking a few words to now being able to communicate in sentences. Thank you Odelia for all your hard work and patience.”
Maritza C.
Los Angeles
“Odelia’s patience, kindness and tremendous knowledge in the field of speech and language pathology makes her an invaluable asset to the field, especially when it comes to children. She connects with kids in a way that is truly unique. She is also special in that she is constantly exploring new techniques to offer her clients. I highly recommend her.”
Melody G.
Los Angeles
“Odelia Mirzadeh puts her heart and soul in all that she tackles. Her genuine passion for speech and language therapy is unparalleled. I truly admire her level of sincerity, compassion, professionalism and innovative approach. Not to mention the positive energy that she exudes!!! Humble and well-balanced, Odelia is highly recommended in my book!
Goli, E.
Los Angeles
“Odelia is fantastic, professional SLP! I had the privilege of watching her in action and I was very impressed by her expertise and care. She is a definite role model for me as I work on becoming an SLP myself.”
Lori, S.
Beverly Hills
“Odelia Mirzadeh is extremely knowledgeable and professional. But what really sets her apart is her dedication to her patients and the profession. I would recommend her 100%.”
Ghazal E.
Los Angeles
“Odelia Mirzadeh is one of the best in this field. She is knowledgeable, patient, and caring. Her ability to correctly and honestly assess her clients and giving them the right therapy is what has made her so successful in her practice. With her positive energy and attitude combined with her full dedication to her clients, she is able to make a big difference in your life.”
Doris D.
Santa Monica
"What I LOVE about Odelia is her soft voice and her patience….I feel having won multiple awards for her amazing talent in music and piano and teaching children for the past decade just makes her that much better to work with. She is a very caring individual and you will feel that within the first 5 minutes of meeting her. I also love her office, it is very clean, beautiful and inviting. I highly recommend her!"
Maral A.
Los Angeles
“Odelia is passionate about her patients. She was extremely helpful in treating my father who had a stroke last year. With her support, we were able to get my father off of a feeding tube and slowly back on a regular diet of solid food. With Odelia, you will get 100% of her heart and dedication. You simply cannot find someone who cares more.”
Shahin D.
Santa Monica
“Enough cannot be said about Odelia. Aside from her professionalism, she is kind, empathetic and most importantly, patient. She genuinely cares about her clients and their success. She treats each client with respect, and has such a positive attitude about what she does. I definitely recommend Odelia!”
Rebecca A
Los Angeles
“O” as she calls herself (with the kids) is just amazing. We loved her as soon as we met her. She is VERY in tune with her patient’s needs and good gracious she is patient as ever. My child who is very cautious of new people tends to need MANY meetings to get used to someone involving themselves in our lives, but after the second visit my kiddo trusted her and would go into the office and leave me in the waiting room.

My child’s speech did a drastic improvement in a short time but we used her for about a year. I have given her name and number out to numerous people. My child was diagnosed within the first visit with her with Apraxia of Speech and with Odelia’s help we were able to get to work with the little one immediately in ways that I would have never known to do on my own. Our little tyke only could say two things at 2 and afterward it exploded.

Odelia is so very kind and caring. I really did feel like she was part of our family that was helping even instill the idea of respect for adults in my child. She sends you home with things to work on and even will email lists of things to either try or books, kits to buy. She can be late if you are a first appointment, but luckily I am a homemaker so it didn’t bother me, and if that is an issue, try to set an appointment during mid-day so you can ensure that she will have already arrived. She does have a drive from the valley or something so you can not always trust traffic….I don’t blame her, and that is coming from someone who is ALWAYS half an hour early to everything I attend As for someone commenting about her being sick often, it’s true….she does get sick a bit but she also deals with PRESCHOOL aged children daily and is confined with germy kids in a box (office). I am pretty sure I would be sick quite a bit too! I would rather her call me and tell me she was too sick to come in than come to work with my kid while she’s dripping snot onto the toys they play with!! But that’s just my opinion…

ALL IN ALL….if you or a loved one needs a brilliant, dedicated, hard working and wonderful speech pathologist, look no further, this is your gal.

BTW rather than pay for parking underground or at the meters, drive up one block and use the residential parking where it’s free for two hours. Watch the signs for the locations. Also note, they have water in the waiting room for your to enjoy as well as the typical magazines. Don’t forget to push her button to notify her that you have arrived!”
Venessa C.
Beverly Hills
“I can’t find the words to thank Odelia for all that she’s done not only for my son Ryan, but even our family. My son did not speak a single word when we began working with Odelia and after only 3 months his vocabulary increased to about 50 words and he began putting 2 words together. It’s now been a little under a year and Ryan speaks in long sentences and is able to answer WH questions, state what he wants and plays well with others. While we were undergoing some family issues, Odelia stayed with our son with no charge and I felt happy to trust that my son was in good hands. She gave me tips on how I can begin teaching my newly born daughter’s speech and language to help her communication from the beginning and she also helped me wean my son off of his pacifier. The best part has been that she always reassured me when I would panic and I always came to see she was right on. I can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done for us, especially giving Ryan a voice. We’ve been very lucky to have you.”
Raheleh C.
Santa Monica
“While our family has been dealing with numerous therapists over the past two years, my wife and I agree that Odelia Mirzadeh is the absolute best of an already pretty great group. We all feel truly blessed by her remarkable positive influence on our son’s development. Odelia is an extraordinary Speech Therapist, who took our son from speaking zero words to full sentences in barely more than a year. What sets Odelia apart, besides being an incredible professional, is that she is truly compassionate and caring. In the often confounding and confusing maze of child services, we take comfort that whatever Odelia does is solely in our child’s best interest. She has gone to great lengths and integrated program specialists in our son’s life to make sure he was receiving the most-focused and integrated program possible. Ultimately, my son offers the best testimonial: He is actually eager to go to his sessions with Odelia and almost always returns in a better state, proudly demonstrating his new skills. I am extremely confident in recommending Odelia Mirzadeh as the right choice for any child and their family seeking speech therapy.”
Jack B.
Santa Monica
“My son Asher worked with Odelia for about one year. He was very particular with therapists but absolutely adored Odelia the second he met her. She has a lovely way of working with children and was able to get Asher to do all the necessary drills without him putting up a fight. Asher’s speech greatly improved over the course of his year with Odelia. Odelia’s passion for children and her work is evident. Not only is she terrific with the children but also great at answering questions for parents. She was a pleasure to have in our home and I know Asher will miss her.”
(Mother of Asher)

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