Benefits Of Social Skills Groups

Benefits Of Social Skills Groups

Social skills groups are designed to help individuals with autism or ASD improve their interactions with peers. They involves small groups that are led by an instructor or counselor. Social skills groups perform activities such as role-playing, speech practice, and instruction. The activities are coordinated by a teacher to foster skills development and promote interaction with peers.

Social skills groups target specific communication skills such as conversation, friendship, problem-solving, emotional recognition, theory, and perspective.  The interaction promoted develops positive relationships.  

Individuals learn to request initiation, respond to greetings, send messages of approval, share interests, provide compliments, and request assistance. The groups consist of children within a number of age ranges such as preschool and elementary school.  The subjects are tested through multiple studies, which are applied to groups or single individuals.

Training can occur in inclusive and non-inclusive environments. The groups are developed to meet both social and emotional individual needs.  At Omix Therapies, our approach applies strong group dynamics to encourage confidence and comfort.  Groups will meet weekly for multiple sessions, which include daily challenges and social games.  The parent/guardian will receive continual updates on skills being learned and developed.


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