Sensory Language Activity Boxes

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At OMIX Therapies, we value working with clients closely in developing and improving their sensory language skills. With COVID-19 making us adapt to new conditions and also prioritizing the safety of our clients and community, we are now offering music and sensory language and music activity boxes.

Each box will include our materials for different activities may including any and/or a combination of the below but not limited to:

  • Sensory play
  • Science projects
  • Arts and crafts
  • Music, fine and gross motor
  • Language and cognitive activities
  • Food coloring
  • Aroma therapy and olfactory essential oils
  • Baking materials and recipes

Choose from small, medium, large or extra large boxes. The size of the boxes determine how many activities are in each box.

  1. Small = $45.00: Awesome sensory starter kit with 10 items that filled with fun, engaging and rich with learning activities.
  2. Medium = $60.00: Includes everything in the small starter kit plus 1 recipes for DIY projects.
  3. Large = $75.00: Includes everything in the small starter and the medium kits plus 2 recipes recipes total) for DIY science projects.
  4. Extra large = $90.00: Includes everything in the first 3 kits, plus 4 recipes for DIY projects (2 sensory and 2 science) and a surprise kit (could include items for arts and crafts, lego building, robot building and knitting).

Order a month of activities (1 box per week) and get a 10% discount!
Order for siblings and get a 25% discount on the second box!

Our activity boxes are designed to help families and their children ages 2- 7 years old continue to facilitate their learning and develop their cognitive, language skills in a home environment. Please call 310.659.9511 to request an order or submit the form below. We hope you and your family continue to stay safe!

Sensory Language Activity Boxes

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Sensory Language Activity Box

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