Santa Monica Speech Pathologist

Omix Therapies has a mission to help people of all ages with speech and communications. Our experienced staff is committed to assisting clients from childhood through geriatic adulthood, with articulation, speech, phonology, aphasia, cognitive deficits, and other language or speech issues, whether acquired or developmental in nature.

Santa Monica Speech Pathology

For Santa Monica speech pathology, Omix Therapies is there to serve all clients. Each session offered by Omix Therapies is one on one.

This approach creates the optimal client and clinician involvement, for a fully integrative approach. Our uniquely dedicated environment is designed to best serve the individual and the individual’s family.

This individualized approach offers strong results for a full range of speech pathology issues including auditory processing. Omix Therapies’s professional staff uses music, movement, and singing vocalization as well as more standard forms of speech therapy.

And we provide services in Farsi as well as English, Cued Speech, and American Sign Language. Santa Monica Speech Pathologist Odelia Mirzadeh and our complete team are all here to work with speech and language issues across a broad platform.

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