Reading And Writing Comprehension

Reading comprehension is defined by how readers connect the ideas in the text to their personal knowledge and create a mental construct. It is a reading skill that depends on how the text is decoded. Comprehension also requires using a higher level language skill to develop meaning from text. Children with language impairments can experience more difficulty in being able to do this than those who have developed their language skill.

Assessing Reading And Writing Comprehension

Language-based learning disabilities are the result of impairments to the development of spoken language. If there are reading problems, there is likely to be writing comprehension concerns as well. Omix Therapies examines preschool students and monitors their ability to:

  • Understand verbal and written directions
  • Be aware of print
  • Recognizing signs and logos
  • Recognizes names
  • Reading and write letters
  • Find a word that rhymes with a selected word

Omix Therapies also collaborates with teachers to implement additional strategies and techniques for the classroom. Teachers can make adjustments to the class material to accommodate children requiring additional comprehension assistance.

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