The Lowdown On Speech Therapy

You may have known someone who has been in speech therapy, maybe a relative or a close friend who had trouble communicating took the initiative and put in the strenuous work that it takes to speak with clarity.

Speech therapy has to do with training people with speech and language problems, giving them the tools and the techniques to speak more clearly. Speech therapy can be utilized to help improve:

1. Communication
2. Language Development
3. Pragmatic Language Skills
4. Nonverbal Language

Speech therapy is considered an intervention service.

So, Who Performs Speech Therapy?

Speech therapists and speech and language pathologists (SLPs) are the people behind speech therapy and are the highly-trained professionals who provide services that help their patients more clearly communicate.

Speech Therapy Includes Two Components:

Mouth Coordination — a speech therapist will address articulation, fluency, and voice volume regulation.

Language Comprehension and Expression — a speech therapist will address use of language (written, visual/pictorial, body language, and sign forms). Use of language through additional methods and communication systems are also available (social media platforms, iPads, iPhones, computers, and applications).

Lastly, SLPs also treat swallowing disorders, which has now broadened even more to include all aspects of feeding.

Where Do I Find A Speech Therapist Near Me?

Once you do your research, the choice should be clear. Omix Therapies is a leading speech pathologist in the greater Los Angeles area. We’re here to help patients of all ages communicate more effectively and more clearly. We’re in the business of helping people be better understood, and we work hard every day to make a difference in each of our client’s lives.

Sometimes the progress is fast, sometimes it’s slow and frustrating. But we’re here with you for the entire journey. You’ll always find a well-prepared team and a positive environment where the word “fail” is the only one that isn’t in our vocabulary. At Omix Therapies we give the finest treatments that glean the most desirable results.

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