Homeopathy is an effective method to treat a variety of symptoms and it’s offered here at Omix Therapies. It is a holistic method that involves the application of natural remedies to stimulate the body’s healing capacity. Homeopathy is safe and gentle when applied correctly. It identifies the root cause of the condition and incorporates the individual’s history, family history, environmental factors and other considerations.

Tens of millions of patients around the world use homeopathy as their primary method to treat psychosomatic conditions. Although the United States is late in providing this type of therapy, various clinical and laboratory studies have demonstrated the benefits of homeopathic remedies for developmental, emotional and physical ailments.

We individualize each homeopathic treatments tailored to fit each individual’s specific condition. Although they may have identical symptoms, no two cases are the same, which is why our treatments are applied based on a child’s unique situation and individual needs. We utilize the clinical approach, which avoids risks and ensures clients are in the best treatment conditions.

DōTERRA® Oils Therapy

Numerous parents have reported success with dōTERRA® oils in treating issues such as anxiety, autism, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and socialization. It is an alternative to prescription medication and can result in dramatic improvements. The use of essential oils has been growing and been a method explored by people who have experienced unsuccessful results with therapy and modern medicine.  Both children and adults can experience maximized benefits with the use of this new form of therapy.

Essential oils are a natural method for autism and ADHD treatment. Regardless of the symptoms the child may be experience, there are several oils that can treat various conditions. Lavender oils contain sedative properties that relax the mind and improve emotional conditions.  Lime oils stabilize the central nervous system and improves the overall mood of the child.

Another essential oil is Patchouli, which allows the mind and body to be calmer, resulting in improved and positive emotion. Each oil delivers its own benefits in improving emotional state, mental focus, and reducing anxiety and stress. Their natural properties ensure there are no side effects from treatment.

To learn whether dōTERRA® oils therapy is recommended for your children, please call Omix Therapies to set up an appointment.

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