Swine Flu Shot Linked To Sleep Disorder In Kids

The adjuvanted pandemic swine flu vaccine caused narcolepsy in some children, a British study affirmed, although the mechanism still isn’t certain.

Signs That Indicate Difficulties With Visual Motor Skills

Visual motor skills are an umbrella term that encompasses visual skills, motor skills, and visual perception skills. Visual motor skills involve effective coordination between the use of your eyes and the use of your hands. Strong visual motor skills allow you to look at a

What Is Sensory Processing And How Can It Affect My Child?

Sensory processing disorder is a condition in which the brain has trouble receiving and responding to information that comes in through the senses.

Reading And Writing Comprehension

OMIX Therapies works with community organizations and teachers to create a classroom environment that supports growth in reading and writing comprehension
Psychological Testing

Psychological Testing

Psychological testing procedures for autism include assessing children’s cognitive abilities. Omix Therapies is experienced with testing for Autism Spectrum Disorder in order to develop the most appropriate treatment


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