Accent Modification

An accent distinguishes a group of people who speak the same language from those who do not. They are grouped by regional or international terms. They are a natural part of spoken language and do not imply a speech or language disorder.

Accents reflect the geographical uniqueness of a person. Some individuals do experience difficulties in communicating because of their accent. Differences in understanding and dialects cause avoidance of social interactions, misunderstandings, repeating sentences, and distractions.

Accent Modification For Business Professionals And Actors

An accent can be modified with consistent work and practice. Omix Therapies offers accent modification or accent reduction services to speakers who want to address their concerns. Candidates who opt for accent reduction include non-native English speakers or those with a strong regional accent, international business professionals, and actors.

A speech-language pathologist performs a comprehensive evaluation of individual speech patterns and records sound pronunciation, stress, rhythm, and intonation of speech. You will be asked to read words, paragraphs, or short stories. Conversational speech will be recorded and collected. A personalized accent modification plan will be provided based on the evaluation. You can choose to participate in individual or group training sessions.

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